Restaurant and Bar

The Bar and Restaurant is adorned with thousands of pieces of Irish and
Australian memorabilia. Plus inspect one of the largest teapot collections in QLD.

Live music every Saturday night. Our bands facilitate all musical tastes from Country/Irish/Rock and Roll and Karaoke.

Our Menu

Gaelic Bread   $5.00
Main Meals - All locally sourced    
From the Land    
O'Shanley's Signature Dish - Irish Stew (200 year old recipe)   $13.00
- thick, lean and beefy stew topped with creamy mash    
Westmeath Bangers, Mash & Gravy   $12.00
Armagh Lamb Shank   $18.00
- served in red wine jus & creamy mash    
300g Tyrone T-Bone   $24.00
300g Longford Rump Steak   $24.00
The Curragh Surf & Turf   $30.00
- rump topped with garlic prawns    
From the Barn    
Roast Chicken (1/2) - Served with veggies & gravy   $18.00
Cavan Chicken Schnitzel   $15.00
Kildare Chicken Parma Eire   $18.00
- Topped with Tullamore sauce & mozzarella    
Surf & Chook   $20.00
- Chicken Schnitzel topped with garlic prawns    
Chicken Salad   $12.00
- Lightly crisped chicken pieces    
From the Surf    
Leitrim Battered Fish   $15.00
Prawn Cutlets - Served with salad & chips   $16.00
Salt & Pepper Squid - Served with salad & chips   $16.00
Donegal Seafood Basket - Served with salad & chips   $20.00
Main meals served with salad & chips or veggies    
Bowl of Veggies   $6.00
Bowl of Salad   $6.00
From the Larder    
Sligo Sauces (freshly made)   $2.00
Gravy, Pepper, Mushroom &, Dianne    
For The Leprechauns    
Fish and Chips   $6.00
Nuggets and Chips   $6.00
Lorenzo O'Reilly Pizzas    
Chicken and Capsicum   $14.00
Meat Lover (ham, pepperoni, beef)   $14.00
Ham and Pineapple   $14.00
Vegetarian (capsicum, onion, mushroom)   $14.00
Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake - Served with whipped cream   $7.00
Sticky Date Pudding - Served with whipped cream   $7.00
Guinness Milkshake   $8.00
Espresso   $4.00
Cappuccino   $4.50
Flat White   $4.50
Tea   $3.50
See Specials Board For Daily Specials    


Fabulous meal deals for groups of 15 or more.

Courtesy bus available for groups of 8 to 12 persons